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Founder's note

Laurene Dorléac

Laurène Dorléac

Founder & CEO @CLIMAX - 30 Under 30 Vanity Fair 2021

Picture © François Goizé

Our story 

Our society widely advertises open sexuality but few people are completely comfortable with it and know how to truly fulfil their own sexual pleasure. This lack of knowledge creates a lot of frustration. Sex is the one thing we expect to be good at, and yet (almost) no one teaches us how to go about it. In particular, female pleasure is still rarely discussed and explored openly. The creation of CLIMAX in 2019 was driven by a desire to create a safe and caring space dedicated to sexual wellness: an online sex-ed course grounded in science. Through CLIMAX, we invite everyone on a journey of exploration and connection, empowering ourselves to reclaim our sexual pleasure and identity.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to democratise sexual wellness through authentic online education. To achieve this we need to educate ourselves in sex and pleasure just like we would learn any other skill. We get better at it by practicing, revisiting techniques and intentionally allocating time to understanding pleasure. Our aim is for everyone to feel empowered to reclaim their own sexual pleasure and identity. We are convinced that by improving our most intimate relationships, we also improve wider social ties. Good sex is an inseparable part of our wellbeing and happiness. A good sex life leads to better self-esteem, less anxiety, better sleep and stronger social connections. It's all one virtuous circle!

What we stand for

Break down the myths
Myths have long plagued conversations around sexual wellness, providing sources of unhappiness, disappointment and shame. CLIMAX exists to break down the taboos, myths and stigma that surround female pleasure to provide us with the freedom to experience true pleasure! 

Aim to be inclusive
Climax is for everyone who has a vulva and for everyone who loves to take care of a vulva! Inclusion is a serious topic here at CLIMAX, and one that we revisit regularly with open conversation and serious consideration. We aim to continue to build a movement that encompasses all forms of gender expressions, sexual orientation, lifestyles and expectations.

Proudly body positive
Everyone is different and no two vulvas nor bodies are alike! We have dedicated an entire episode to the anatomy and diversity of the vulva - something that here at CLIMAX we feel very strongly about indeed. We worked on bringing as many different bodies and vulvas to your screens as possible! All bodies are good bodies!

Where we've been

We think we have succeeded in creating a product which encompasses explicit content while being very serious, educational and absolutely not embarrassing. Our website has already helped tens of thousands of people from all around the world. More than 20 talented people, especially women, believed in our cause and decided to join us to make CLIMAX the future of sex-ed.

In the future

Open a School Program
There's nothing simple about teaching teenagers about sex. That is why, CLIMAX is working on a School program for parents and high schools.

Spread the word around the world
We aim to spread CLIMAX all around the globe because everyone deserves access to an honest, high quality, affordable sex-ed, no matter where they come from.

Commit to carbon neutrality
Carbon neutral means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere from a company’s activities is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed. Luckily, nature provides a great solution - trees! So, we are working on removing our carbon emissions from the atmosphere through science-based reforestation by 2023.